Services & Programs

Physician's Office Solution is a distributor for manufacturers and suppliers serving the medical provider community. All of our programs are designed to help you provide better patient care while saving you money or adding additional revenue to your practice.

Working Capital
Line Of Credit
Equipment Leasing
Autologous Skin Replacement 
Neurocognitive Assessments 
Medical Weight Loss
Patient Relationship Management
Diabetes Diagnostics and Treatment Protocol (DDTP) 
Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density Laboratory 
TM-Flow Autonomic Nervous System Assessment 
Diabetic Neuropathy Device (DND) 
Electronic Health Assessment 
Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) 
Patient Lead Generation 
Clinical Research Trials 
Healthcare Management (HCM) 
Medical Transcription and Virtual Medical Scribe 
Out of Office Dispensing 
Retail Pharmacy
Fingerstick Allergy Laboratory (blood, CGX, PGX) 
In-network Lab covering 49 States: CGX, PCR, Blood, PGX, Toxicology 
Medical Waste
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 
100% Pure Amniotic Fluid 
Prepackaged Medication Dispensing 
Referral Marketing 
Osteoarthritis Treatment Protocol
Observational Clinical Studies
Durable Medical Equipment (DME) 
Billing, Accounting, Administration, Practice Management 
Patient Financing