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Controlling costs or find ways to generate morejYou have a unique patient base whose needs have to be effectively managed. With just a brief review of the patient demographics of your practice and we can create a custom care solution to help you improve the quality of care you provide to your patients, lighten the provider and office staff's workload, save money and increase your annual revenue.

Opioid Reduction Study

Observational clinical studies are a great way to increase revenue and you don’t have to change anything you’re already doing with the patient. It’s very easy to implement. The Opioid/Pain Reduction study revolves around a topical creme which is suitable for Acute and Chronic Pain, Joint, Muscle and Soft Tissue related. Doctors are compensated up to $300 per patient. You do not have to change protocols or patient care, simply record data that is already in the Electronic Medical Records or Patient Charts. No Patient Identifiers are necessary. Participation is quick and easy, and of course, there is no cost to you.

This is a concierge program. Your office/clinic determines medical necessity and submits a monthly form.

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